Support Katemo Primary School in Mnkhaya, South Luangwa

…we are aiming for a better future for Katemo schoolchildren...


   Track & Trail River Camp and Kambo Foundation are partnering to improve education and school facilities at Katemo Primary School. We are supporting the staff and the PTA (Parents & Teachers Association) to help make Katemo one of the better schools in the region.

    Katemo Primary School

Katemo Primary School is a remote rural school in Mnkhanya Chiefdom in the Mfuwe region of South Luangwa. It was founded almost 100 years ago by missionaries and is located in a beautiful area surrounded by hills and trees. However due to its remote setting it has been sadly neglected over the years and is in great need of material and financial assistance. Recently the school has grown considerably and the present school population is more than 550. There are 9 grades and a pre-school group. Most grades have 50 to 75 students per class. The staff consists of 7 teachers and a headmaster. Some of the teachers are untrained volunteers. 




   Our Goals

• Improve the school ground and sports facilities

• Provide playground equipment for the students

• Help the school maintain high sanitary standards

• Provide a school library (a library building and a large        selection of reading books and text books)

• Sponsor two trained school librarians

• Renovate the teacher houses

• Renovate an old school building (ready to collapse because of termites eating the walls and floors)

• Support and train the teachers with the help of teacher trainers from Holland

• Provide a daily lunch meal for the students (with the help of parents and students)

• Support anything else of priority to help the staff or the students to improve the schoolwork.





   We hope that Track & Trail River Camp visitors and other people from all over the world will donate funds to help us to fulfill our goals for Katemo Primary School. For the visitors of Track & Trail River Camp we have left a box for donations at the Reception Desk. 



   Alternatively, sponsors are more than welcome to make a bank transfer to Kambo Foundation; for bank details please see below. More information is also available at